Why I Love Myford Touch

I know the Sync System has gotten some bad press, but I want to let you know that I love it. Wed. 11/2/2011 I got a phone call at work that my oldest son had been in a car accident, he was T-Boned and had to be cut out of his car and they were talking him to the ER in Everett Washington. I headed down to Everett 90 miles away. I it was such a blessing to "hear" text messages and get phone call updates on his condition from his freinds at the ER with him. Hearing that his condition was stable. I was able to stay calm and drive safely, never taking my eyes of the road or hands off the wheel.
I'm not a very "Teckie" person, but I was able to work the system with out any problems. I just wanted you to know when it really counted the Sync really came through!
Samantha 02/18/2012
so glad your son is ok, but I have to ask ."Hear text messages the whole way?" really? The only time I hear a text message is if I get a text at the same time I am getting in the car. Any other time, the texts do not come through. wishing your son a speedy recovery!