We Love Our Fords

For the past few years we have had two vehicles as part of our household. Always a Ford vehicle and a non-Ford vehicle. After the lease was up about 3 months ago on our non-Ford vehicle, we couldn't resist the looks, the drive and the feel of the new 2011 Ford Edge. I am now proud to say that this vehicle is part of our family too, making us a full Ford family (2011 Ford Edge/ 2010 Ford Escape), and even my extended family is a full Ford family (2011 Ford Explorer, 2010 Ford Escape, 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis). Thanks Ford!!
I know exactly how they feel, I own 3 Fords, a 2001 F150, a 2009 Focus,(my wife's), and a 200 Lincoln Town Car, (my baby). I love them all, they all run beautifully, and I will always own and drive Fords>