Vacationing With Our Edge

My husband and I went on an anniversary trip to Surfside, WA. While there we would walk along the beach noticing that several cars would be driving up and down the very deep and wide beaches there. So we decided to take our Ford Edge out there and have some fun. This picture was taken in front of a lighthouse there along the beach at dusk and we thought the picture was so good we wanted to share it with all of you. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
D Casselman 04/16/2010
We just bought our second Ford Edge. Ours is FWD. This latest one has the two roofs which are a must as are the 20" wheels. The bigger wheels give a much smoother ride. Love the vehicle.
Edgar Gonzalez 03/31/2010
Edge is definetely one of the best Crossovers Ford has produced. It includes the latest gadgets of technology such as: Ford Interactive system, SYNC, hands-free telephone and others. It also comes in many colors.
ariel 03/13/2010
beautiful photo!
Tonya Ligon 03/11/2010
I have a 2007 Ford Edge and I love it!! I feel very safe and it has been a trouble free vehicle. For me that is the best part of owning my Ford, as I hate to sit at a dealership waiting for a repair.
craig campbell 02/23/2010
We love our Edge..
We have taken it on long road trips and at the end of the day we found it was easy to drive and a very comfortable ride. 25 mpg too. It can pass anything very easily. The turbo is awesome.
It has great visibility and handling.Love the sun roof and radio especially.
C P Campbell
Harley 02/22/2010
Awesome photo! :)
Jeff Wert 02/19/2010
That looks amazing! My fiance and I are currently looking for a 4X4 or AWD small SUVish vehicle. What would you say are the highlights of the Edge? Thanks!