By Paul B.

my name is Paul and in my familly we have four fords between my wife and i . she has an 08 ford edge orange and she loves it we took the only two vacations of our lives in that car . in 09 we took two of the kids and my mother to mertle beach SC . We took the long way back to Indiana going up to NC over to TNN and up threw KY . on the way we went threw a bad storm in the mountains in TNN . that car handled great , we spent three days in and out of the car stopping for turist stops everywhere . but it was a comfortable ride. in 2010 we took a three day vaca trip on this one we never stoped we left ELWOOD IN at two oclock in the mornin whent strait to DC walked around for a couple of hours , then headed for NJ . After sleeping in a hotel for the night we went to carlos bakery for breakfast . Then ventured into NY to see the city & statue . eaven though ive never seen the twin towers I felt a lose seeing ground zero in person . After that we headed west strait threw NY to see Niagra Falls we got there in the middle of the night got some sleep then in the morning after looking at the falls in daylght we drove home . and got ready for work the next day. THANK YOU FORD BIDDLE FAMILLY