The Day My Life Could Have Changed

Recently my fiance and i purchased a 2007 Ford Edge. Thanks to Ford credit giving us a 2.9% finance rate we were able to afford the vehicle as money is tight for us and most of the the country. Six days after we picked up the car she was involved in a serious accident which required hospitalization and a totaled out vehicle. She suffered serious injuries but if she would have been in her old Honda civic things would have been much worse to the point I don't even want to think about it. Being a Fireman i have talked to other fireman and they said it saved her life. i just want to thank Ford and their credit division for making the owning of this vehicle possible.
Sincerely a Ford customer for life
Tom Priovolos 01/27/2012
Kudos to Ford Credit for helping the individual make the decision also. Its takes alot of people to make Ford what it is. Ford is what this country needs.....
Jay Dulka 08/30/2011
Jesse, that's an incredible story and I wish your fiancee a quick recovery. I also want you to know that this helps me in my decision to also purchase an edge or explorer. My reliable Ford Focus Wagon just hit 203,000 miles and it would have kept going if I hadn't been hit yesterday morning. My car was totalled and I look forward to sharing my Ford story on reliablity soon. Good luck with everything!
Scott Monty 08/19/2011
Jesse, we're glad that your Ford Edge saved the day and we truly appreciate your Ford loyalty. We wish you and your fiancee all the best, especially as she recovers.

Scott Monty
Global Digital Communications
Ford Motor Company