That 2007 Edge Saved My Life

By Bob D.

On October 25, 2011, I was involved in a single car accident. The car that I was driving saved my life! I am extremely grateful to the design engineers who encapsulated my cockpit with fantastic airbags as well as the last line worker who did the last safety check. The Galena, Il police and fire crew were amazed that I was walking around the car assessing the damage instead of being demolished as was the vehicle. The 2007 Ford Edge is gone.
I have a complicated health history: as I was driving on Mount Hope road out of Eagle Ridge I had a TIA before I returned to Hwy 20 back to the town of Galena, Il. When I awoke I was encompassed in deflated airbags and was looking through a particulated windshield within a rubber envelope. I had no glass in the car and no physical evidence of injury to myself. At the Galena ER , support personal reiterated how the car was totaled and I was alive! My Allstate Ins. agent suggested I do commercials recommending this car to young and old. I assure you I will encourage my grand daughter, Sofia Grace, to drive a Ford product 1n 14 years. I still cherish my memories of my Dad driving me in the restored model T in the mid 50's down Cermack Rd in Chicago. My wife's first car was a green 72 Maverick and latter a 1996 Taurus she still drives, retired frugal kindergarten teacher. In 2009 I had outlived my Grand Mercury and was lucky to select the 2007 Edge. My admitting Dr., Greg Vandigo, was not really surprised with my luck in that he has been caring for my Mother, Margaret, well beyond her Nine Lives, at age 92.
I look forward to replacing my Ford Edge with another Ford product. As I continue to believe in The Untied States of America, I will continue to believe that Ford makes a great safe car not only for the USA, but for the entire world. After watching that exciting game last night, it is not surprising that Ford can hire such talented young designers and engineers as those that attend schools like Stanford and USC. Great Ford summary show after the games last night.
NikkiBruce 11/23/2011
I would not only say a saved life but a miracle from God too.
Staaberelli 11/06/2011
Ford is puting innovation at the front and our experience is what the auto industry is working hard at from the Engineering aspect. The Ford Engineers are listening to its customers after all!