Thank You For The Ford Edge

Thank you, thank you Ford for saving my partner. Last week while waiting for oncoming cars to pass so he could turn into our yard, my partner of 19 years was hit from behind by a speeding car. The young girl who hit him actually went under our car and popped back out 15 feet. Her car hood buckled (luckily she wasn't hurt too). Our Edge Limited was hit so hard the console buttons popped out (no damage). Because of Ford's wonderful safety features, the only damage that our car incurred was the trailer hitch was bent (had to be replaced) and our back bumper was damaged (also needed to be replaced). We were told that he was very lucky because the hitch took all the impact. It could have been a very serious accident and your engineers planning helped make a horrible situation tolerable and safe.

We are a two Edge family. We love all the features it provides including the gas mileage. We feel safe traveling in all kinds of weather conditions. We have had quite a few Fords in our time (Explorers) I thought they were fantastic but I have to tell you that with the Ford Edge you have an excellent product in your hands. I would highly recommend the Edge or any Ford product for their safety and dependability.

Thank you from the bottom of our heart.