Perfect First Vehicle

I'm a 16 year-old from Pennsylvania and I always loved Ford vehicles because my mother always leased them every 3 or 4 years. So for when I turned 16 my father leased me a 2010 Ford Edge Limited AWD in Cinnamon Metallic on the exterior with the 20" Chrom-Clad Aluminum Wheels, and Camel leather interior with the Voice-Activated Navigation System with SYNC by Microsoft on the interior. I absolutely love this vehicle as an automotive enthusiast because of the feeling of security I feel whenever I drive it, as well as the power from the 265hp Duratec V6 engine and the smooth gear changes from Ford's overdrive built into the transmission. The technology makes my driving more safe as well because I can talk on the phone or reply to text messages with my voice or a quick touch of the button on the multi-function steering wheel. The Edge is classy as well with chrome and luxury amenities. I absolutely love to open the Panoramic Vista Roof in the spring/summertime. The Sony sound system is amazing with the bass and treble turned all the way up, and I love that I can quickly connect and use my USB drive or iPod all with my voice. One of the other things I enjoy is the amazing fuel economy for a beefy crossover. I can get 25mpg out of it which saves me money. One of the best features is the computer-controlled AWD. Living in Pennsylvania we can get some pretty decent snow storms so with the Edge I don't even have to snow blow my driveway, I can just reverse with the AWD and Traction Control enabled with no wheel slippage or loss of traction. Everyone loves my Edge because of the head-turning effect as I drive by but mostly because of the space...the front and rear leg room is amazing, and the trunk space is stunning. I always keep my Edge spotless so it looks like it just rolled out of the showroom. I also have to mention the sales rep at the dealer we leased it from worked us a great lease deal. I will be keeping my Edge for a long time...thanks Ford for making an amazing, classy, luxurious, functional, safe and classy vehicle for Americans to enjoy.