My Wife Could Have Died

I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I feel to have my wife here today after such a terrible accident. The Ford is completely totaled, however, everyone that was in the accident is OK. My wife was on her way to meet her mother at a movie, and I was in the backyard working on a deck. I didn't have my phone on me because I didn't think I needed it. It was a wet, muggy day in Houston, TX. so the roads were a little slick. Thank God my mom happened to be inside my house that day. My mom rushed outside with my phone telling me that Christy's step mother was on the phone and that it was urgent. I picked up the phone and heard her say that she had been on the phone with Christy (my wife) on her way to the movies and heard Christy scream right before the phone hung up. Just as she was explaining this to me, my Christy was on call waiting. She told me that she had been in an accident and she needed me there immediately.

Someone had broadsided her at an intersection going about 50 MPH without slowing down. It wasn't hard to spot the scene of the wreck because there were three vehicles involved, fire trucks, and ambulances everywhere. Any fool could tell that the Ford was completely totaled. However, I was just happy that my wife was OK and my son wasn't in the vehicle. The side that was hit was the same side that his car seat sat on. I asked my wife for the full story and she proceed to tell me that the car that hit her had caught on fire. Luckily, the man that Christy was knocked into happened to have a fire extinguisher on him and he put out the fire immediately. Again, I was just happy that she was OK. As I started to clear out the rest of our belongings before the tow truck took out poor car away, I inspected the inside to see what had happened. What I saw was amazing.

-Broadsided at 50 mph, my son's car seat was completely untouched.
-My wife's head hit one of the curtain airbags that would have otherwise hit the window.
- Everything on the inside of the car was completely intact. None of the windows even shattered.
I thought I would share this testimonial with you to let you know that we will be buying a Ford Edge again.
I have had fords ever since I started to drive they are great, I only had trouble
Twice and that is when I bought Chevys. I am now driving a 2010 edge and just
Love it The performance is excellent .