My Edge Is Why I Am Here

My name is Brielle Engeran, a single mother of 2 little girls, and I am writing you for no other reason than to thank you. Last year I walked on to a local dealership lot, and I purchased a 2008 Ford Edge. This vehicle was my dream vehicle, and as a single mother I did my best to find reliable transportation for my family. My daughters are 6 and 3, and because I chose your product, i can continue to be their mother. I simply purchased the Edge due to it's appearance, comfort, and simply because it just felt right. I have had the car for almost a year now, and could complain about nothing. It has treated me well, and has truly been perfect for me and my children.

On Monday, May 9th at about 9 am, I was headed home after working the night shift. I did not realize that this moment would change my life as I knew it. Only blocks away from my road, I collided with a motionless truck going approximately 55 mph. In an instant, glass shattered everywhere, my airbag had deployed, and my car was coasting down the side of the highway. Several people were on the scene immediately, and talked to me until the paramedics had arrived. I did not know the damage to my car at that moment, but I quickly learned its severity once I could hear the witnesses reactions. I could see that my hood had crinkled up over my windshield, and that smoke had begun to rise from the engine. I had just purchased a gallon of milk, and the gallon flew from the back seat, slammed up against my arm, and landed on the dashboard exploding everywhere. The airbags had deployed, knocked my glasses off my face, my left hand flew into the windshield, and my knees slammed into the dash by the steering wheel. I can honestly say that I had no clue as to how bad the accident was, but I only knew that I felt the pain. The ambulance transported me to the hospital and made sure I had no broken bones or further damage. Each and every person told me that I was extremely lucky. I still can not recall what happened, and how I wound up where I did, but I know I am lucky to be alive.

With all of this being said, i wanted to thank you. I wanted to thank each and every person from Ford motors. I want to thank every person who has had a hand in designing, building, testing, your vehicles on a daily basis. it is because of all of you, that I am alive. The crash was incredibly horrible, and the only thing that broke was my vehicle. Despite the high speeds and the direction of the impact, I am only bruised. The cargo of my vehicle remained completely in tact. Had my children been in the vehicle, they would have walked away unharmed. The engine in my car was completely destroyed, but never pushed through towards either front seats. The entire front of the car had been demolished, but the damage stopped at the windshield. My car is completely totaled, but I remain a mother, a daughter, a sister, and much more.

Each and every day thousands and thousands of vehicles are produced to sell. Workers may never know the impact of their time spent. I stand here as a statistic. I write to you as a percentage of those who made it out alive. My point is that because of each of you, I get the chance to be part of that percentage. Not only do I thank you, but my parents, daughters, and the rest of my family thank you as well. On Monday, May 9th at about 9 am, my 2008 Ford Edge was completely totaled. On Monday, May 9th, my 2008 Ford Edge saved my life. I not only wanted to thank you, but I wanted to inform you that because this particular vehicle got me through an extreme situation, I will be purchasing yet another Ford Edge. My kids mean everything to me in this world and because of your product, I am able to continue my life with them. I was proud to be a Ford Edge owner, and that pride still stands. To all of you at Ford motors, please continue your dedication and hard work. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!