Life Saver

This past December my dad had a heart attack. He had to be life flighted more than 2 hours away. My grandma drove my mom and I since my mom shouldn't have been driving when she in the situation. My grandma has a 2008 ford edge limited. She arrived at the hospital to pick up my mom and I to take us to the hospital where my dad was being flown to. Like I said earlier it was 2 hours away. My grandma got us there in 45 minutes thanks to her edge. Law enforcement followed us so that we could drive so fast. Her edge was doing 120 at one point. The cops could barely keep up, but I've never felt so safe in a car going 120 mph. It felt grounded like no matter what the edge wasn't going to leave the ground. Let me tell you that means a lot when you are trying to get to your dad who had a heart attack. Thanks ford for thinking of everything and putting safety first!