I Love My New Edge

I love my new 2011 Ford Edge. I never thought I would own a Ford vehicle but could not be happier with my choice! It looks great and drives beautifully. I live in Florida and when I'm driving with my windows down and stop at a light, I have actually had drivers in the car next to me compliment me on how great it looks, as if I built it. I let a friend drive it the other day and he said it drove like a BMW. I have owned GM's, Nissan and VW but I have never enjoyed a car this much. BTW, I was born and raised in Detroit and so proud to drive an American car again. Great job to the designers and engineers, clearly they are the best in the industry. Sincerely, Scott Docherty
BH I Love my 2011 FORD EDGE. . :) I Love driving it.... and what a great RIDE!!! Hope to drive it for years to come...
EA 05/05/2011
I just bought one also, it is great!!!!!