I Dream On The Edge!!

I have always wanted a car that was different. I bought a VW Bug in 2003 and really liked it. Shortly after in 2004 I had a child, but was stuck with my small car due to finances. Then in 2006 I started seeing the Edge and I just fell in love with it. I could not keep my eyes off them. I just had to have one. We after 8 years of trotting around in my little bug I finally had some money to upgrade. Though I couldn't afford new, in 2011 I bought my "new" 2007 Ford Edge SEL!!!!! I have leather, full navigation, the vista roof and more!!! I am the happiest girl in town!! I go everywhere with it. I won't even let my boyfriend take me out in his car. We have to use my Edge! He admits its a "sweet ride". Its absolutely perfect, I LOVE MY FORD EDGE!!! It fits everything I need and Drover my 2yr old German Shepherd!! Maybe one day Ill have a new one!!