Gramma's New Edge

Hi, I just got a new 2011 Ford Edge and wanted to share my grandchildren's thoughts. My 4 year old granddaughter, while going for groceries with me, was singing along to a song on the Sirius Hits 1. She exclaimed, "Gramma, thank you for buying this new car, it knows my favorite song and its playing it for me now!". My 7 year old grandson, however, wasn't as satisfied. After watching me demonstrate the voice command for the radio, called out "Do that again gramma, I want to talk to it" I asked him what he would say to it. He exclaimed (seriously), "Give me food!". After a silent belly laugh, I had to tell him it couldn't do that. Wouldn't that make a great commercial?
Thanks for a great product, even if it can't "give me food"!