Ford Grows With My Life

Wow I couldn't believe it, my edge at 46mi gallon! I have owned every Ford SUV except the Flex and that is coming next. Ford has been growing with my family since the beginning my husband and I will be married 12 yrs this April 9th, 30 yrs old and very excited to see where Ford will take us next! Here is my Ford Story so click it or ticket: My husband and I dating-Ford Ranger (Off Roading) Engaged-Red mustang(Donuts in the church parking lot and 1st ticket). Married-Ford explorer sport (More mature and I dont need another ticket). 1st house-Ford Eddie Bauer Explorer(Moving up in the world). Here comes Wyatt, 1st son -Ford Ranger and Escape(Traded 1 for 2). 2nd house-new Ford f-150 and Lincoln LS(I can still be sexy). 3rd house-Another new F-150 and new Expedeition (Need more space for visiting grandparents). Morgan, 2nd son -Ford Edge (heard it was awesome and beautiful). 4th house-New Ford Focus and .....uh "Doc" 3rd son(new) I wish I kept my expedition. but I love my Edge!! Flex will be next. That's my story and I'm stickin to it. The video is a mountain get away in our Edge, 1st kids..Life is Good.