Ford Family Vacation

My family, and by "my family"I mean my parents siblings and all our children, there were five families 17 us us in all. Drove from Upstate NY to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Where we rented a house on the 4 x 4 beaches. The sand doons can be tricky to maneuver but it was no trouble for us. After all, we are a Ford family. It wasn't until we got home and started looking through the pictures that we came accross the one I have enclosed. All five of us backed up the hill, we proudly and promently showed off our loyalty Ford. Thanks Ford for making that 4 x 4 experience happen for us. In the picture are two F150s, and an Edge, Escape, and Explorer.
DaWayne 05/11/2010
I know how you all feel as a Ford Family. I have always been a Ford owner and was brought up that way by my father.(deceased) He loved Fords and he told me to always stick with Ford and products made in the United States of America. I wish all Americans bought USA. Great story you provided!