Edge Rollover Safety

By Toni P.

In Jan. my dad had a terrible stroke and now has to live in a care center. Medicare-caid split my parents assets and said the family could only have one car. My mom made the hard decision to sell my dads truck and her own car, in order to buy one safe new car. Just about 2 months ago, that car she choose was a Ford Edge. This is a Huge expense for in her current circumstances, but she need something reliable and safe. She had also hoped she could (with assistance) help my dad get out and about from the care center. He is in a wheelchair fulltime now.
My 75 yr old mom was in a bad car accident yesterday. A 7 car pile-up. Her Edge rolled and landed upside down. The roll-over safety features in her Edge meant she came out of this literally with only bruises

Thank you! Thank you!
T Palmer