Early Christmas Present

I was the proud owner of 2007 Ford Edge SEL and traveling to work on 12/19/09 in a major snow storm when I was struck by a 18 wheeler that lost control in the snow. I saw it coming and I couldn't get away but my side impact airbags did there job and despite the fact that I was hit at 45mph by a vehicle much bigger than mine my daughter and I walked away from the accident with just some sore muscles and whip lash. It was truly a Christmas miracle because the entire side of the car was crushed and everyone that saw the pictures I posted on my facebook page cannot even believe that we are here to tell the story. When I made my way home that night to see my family I just had to take time to hug each of my children and my wife and tell them how much I love them and how grateful I am to be here today. I have to say that I will scream it from the roof tops this is the safest, best handling car that I ever owned and I will definitely be purchasing another one once the insurance company has settled everything. I tear up everytime I think about how the car saved my life.
Matt 01/15/2010
Truly a great story! It just goes to show what safe and great vehicles Ford makes!
Jeff 01/08/2010
We have a 2008 SEL as well and I can attest to your love of this vehicle. I have owned over 40 Fords in my life, both new and used, and this is one of the best hands down! Thank goodness that you and your kids are safe! By the picture, the interior cabin does not appear to be comprimised much, yet the body obviously took a major hit. Guess all the commercials about safety and testing are true. I have and always will put my vehicle faith in FORD!!!!!!!