Did That Really Just Happen?

As a NYC resident, many know of Derek Jeter of the NY Yankees advertising the 2011 Ford Edge in commercials on TV. One early morning about a month ago, I was driving to work and stopped to get gas at our local gas station. As I pulled into the gas station an NYPD police car turned his lights and sirens on, and pulled up behind me, I knew that I wasn't breaking any laws. Ends up, he pulled up behind me to ask if I liked my Edge, he couldn't decided if he wanted to buy one or not, so after asking me a bunch of questions and ofcourse asking if he could look inside and see what it had to offer, he turns to me and says, "hey isn't this the car Jeter advertises?" Needless to say I have the Edge three months today, and a day doesn't go by that I don't hear from someone, "hey isn't this the car Jeter advertises?" ! I have never owned a vehicle that I have received more compliments on! Thanks Ford for making an absolutely beautiful vehicle!
Gerald Beck Jr. 09/13/2011
if you noticed sal, he said he pulled up behind him at a gas station, he never said he got pulled over.
Sal Undy 08/29/2011
Haha, nice story, although that officer isn't allowed to pull you over for such reason. Still funny! Keep on rolling!