Built Ford Tough!!

I was driving on Illinois State Hwy 113 in a small town called Custer Park. I was on a curve and was in a 35 mph zone heading into a 55 mph zone, when WHAM!!! There was a Yukon plowing into the front driver's side tire and down the driver's door. I saw the Yukon hit the lady in front of me. All I heard was the vehicles colliding and the glass breaking. I had to be cut out f my vehicle, because I was in a ditch. The EMT was worried about my injuries and didn't want to have to lift me over the center console. I went to the hospital with minimal injuries (Bruises, scrapes, and a hurt arm). If I would have had my left leg extended I might have had a broken leg or foot. However, My Edge took the brunt of the crash, and I made it through basically unharmed!! If that isn't Built Ford Tough, I don't know what is!!! Love Ford and the Edge!! Thanks Ford!!