Big Dog Story

By Ken R.

My daughter Suzanne recently came home to have us help her purchace a new vehicle; after a week of torutuious test drives and comparisons, she finally settled on a vehicle which she (and we) felt met all her needs .... a Ford Edge.
The day after she purchased the Edge she happened upon a small abused Rottweiller puppy, which she immediatley adopted. The small dog (she named Cupcake), fit well in the Edge but we were concerned it may outgrow the vehicle; well, the dog has grown (see attached picutre) but still fits very well in the front passinger seat of the Edge. Very fine and convenient vehicle for my daughter as she makes her travels with her dog. Thank you. Ken Royse
Jeri T 04/10/2012
I have a teacup chihuahua. She fits in the cupholder just perfectly! And with the changing of the ambient lighting, I can accessories her very nicely!
Karen 04/08/2012
Big dog, small cars are not incompatible - in my younger days, I used to drive a Fiat Punto, and our family consisted of 2 adults, 2 kids (2 and 4) with baby seats, and 2 rottweilers! We kind of got used to the stares when we arrived somewhere, and one being after the other left the car...