Awesome Car

My grandma just upgraded from a 2003 explorer to a 2008 edge. She loves it! Especially the fuel economy. And I love heated leather seats. She also loves the vista roof, you can usually find her on a sunny day crushing around with her vista roof open. She also likes the power folding rear seats, since she is getting older she says this is really nice feature too have! She is always bragging to her friends that she has 20's!! I'm not kidding when I say when she drives through town all the guys look at her car! This winter we got 6 inches of snow and her edge is not awd. Well that didn't stop her!! She said I've got a ford, I'm not scared. So, she went too the store in her edge when nobody else even attempted to get out. She passed several people that where stuck that had 4 wheel drive! She laughed as she drove by!! She truly appreciates the craftsmanship that ford has put into the edge and says any other car she buys will be a ford. I also plan on buying the flex when I turn 16! In all I want to thank ford for creating such a nice and dependable car!