A Sad Day

By Cami A.

I ordered and purchased my forde edge in april 2011 and it was the best vehicle i ever owned. I brought my 2 year old dayghter home from the hospital in it and had so many memories and had a connection to the car. In June 2013 we became pregnant with twins and relized the edge was not going to accomidate my family. it was a very sad day. My husband says time for a minivan and i was so sad. I did relize that i had to make the change and purchased a minvan from another car manufactor  i tried to figure a way i could keep my edge to give to our othr daughter who is 14 but i could not afford it. We'll i did trade it in and cried I mean i really cried when i pulled into the other dealership to pick up my new car. everyone in the place thinks im crazy but it will never be the same again. its been 2 days in the new car and i wish i could have my edge. I wish the ford guys could have seen the look on everyones face when the preganant women was crying over a car she loved. Dont worry 5 years and ill be back. i wish i could get my daughter a ford.