A New Love Story With Figo

(Sorry for this but in India we have Figo.)

In am from India, and I live in joint family. Romance is not a public affair at our homes as we are socially restricted to indulge publically, even with our better halves.

Ten year has passed while me and my wife were married together. But we never got a chance to to romantic in this time span and was looking for something which can return our Happy Romantic Life back.

Two year before, when I purchased Figo and asked my wife to go for a ride, she was actually felt delighted and we promised each other that this car Figo is just like a messenger of Love amongst us. Now after that, everytime when we go for a ride a new Love Affair begins.

Thanks to Figo, for returning our Love and Happy Life.

Thanks to Figo to making our love bloom, again and again.