3 Generations!

In October 2011 I had a to drive a rental car around due to an accident I was in, it just so happens the car they gave me to drive was a 2011 Ford Edge limited. I fell in love from the moment I drove it. I loved the car so much I began my search for the perfect Edge for my family. By the end of October I had found it and couldn't be happier. After 6 months of me owning the Edge, my mother traded her Ford Escape in for a 2012 Edge because she knew how much I loved mine, and within 7 months of me having my Edge, my Grandfather has now purchased a 2013 Edge. We now have 3 generations who own 3 years of Ford Edges all within the last 7 months! Along with this I am 27, my mother 57 & and my Grandfather 87. So, it is flattering to have my family copy me in my car choice, but most of all it is amazing to see how this model of car has made 3 generations so very happy with our choice to be Ford owners!
John V 07/05/2012
Pretty awesome. Sounds like you are very happy with your edge