What A Car!

I was sitting on the fence reading a lot of negative reviews about mileage and quality and I almost decided against this car. It had 360 miles on it when I got it and it now has 630 miles on it. It is not a long track record yet but enough to have me scratching my head about mileage complaints. I drove a Prius for 7 years and a Leaf for the past 2 years and loved both of them, but for me the C-Max Energi is the best. My Prius averaged 46 mpg with the best being about 53 mpg in spring and fall with no climate control. I was never sure if folks giving reviews were giving hybrid mode mpg or averaging the total miles including the EV miles. The mpg numbers that I am getting without EV are pretty impressive for a car this size. Today I got an average 54 mpg on a 26 mile trip with one stop. The first 16 miles at 55 to 60 mph I got 60 mpg and the next 10 mile leg at 35 to 40 mph I got 48 mpg. If the milage gets better with an older engine then I can't wait, but I am certainly happy with what I've got now. This is with no climate control on, but I drove 32 miles last week with air on and 3 people in the car and got 47 mpg.

I initially thought that the 21 mile range would be limiting, but this hasn't been the case. During the week my commute has been all electric. I have a 15 mile round trip and get home with about 7 miles remaining on the battery and the 240V charger will have it back to full in a couple of hours. The big thing for me is no range anxiety anymore. The gas engine turns on when you run out of juice and you actually don't want too much electric range as then gas engine would not turn on often enough to keep it in good working order. I am using about 1 gallon of gas a week while putting on 200 miles. Not bad.

I bought my Prius and my Leaf because they were the best available at the time. Now Ford has taken that spot. The one thing that I always longed to do in my Prius was to drive total electric. The C-Max Energi does this not only when the traction battery is charged but goes into EV mode much more often when functioning as a hybrid.

There are too many things that I like about this car to list. This is my first Ford and my hat is off to everyone who had a hand in bringing car to market. I am one happy camper!
Ford Social 08/21/2014
Hi Frank - Thank you for your story! It is always nice to read about the driving experiences of Ford owners. We are happy that your C-Max has exceeded your expectations! - Social.Ford
Ray C 08/20/2014
Sounds almost like my cmax that I got about a month ago. I heard so much negative talk and was very unsure about getting it. Then Consumers Report did an article on the energi model and when I saw that I was sold. Love the idea of electric charge and have averaged about 200 mpg on the first 1200 miles.