Record 833.8 Miles On A Single C-max Tank (Non Energi)

By Jus A.

Who says the MPG is poor in the C-Max?

833.8 miles on a SINGLE C-Max hybrid (Non-Energi) says it all.

GREAT MILEAGE city driving!
Jus A 07/12/2013
@BradB. No secret, you can find me on the internet by just googling my username.
@TimothyA. The ffh is a different class of car but good luck with it. I just find it odd you remember the odo to the 0.3 but didn't take a picture of it to show all your friends. Anyway, all the best with the ffh, its a great car.
Timothy A 07/01/2013
That is really good, now go beat my record of 1012.3 miles in My Fusion Hybrid(non Energi).Will have to take a pic next time I get over 1000 on a single tank and post here
Adair R 06/29/2013
And this is no stunt! Just a regular guy, driving to and from work, lunch, errands, etc! Really remarkable car!
Brad B 06/28/2013
Hey Ford ! I bow to the 64 mpg leader. Two question, who is it, and what's their secret? The best Herbie (my C-Max's name) has given us is 52.3 mpg (still great) since we've had him. Again, congrats to the MPG King.