Never Thought I Would Love A Car More Than My Toyota Prius!!

Just purchased our C Max Hybrid last week!! I was a huge fan of my 2010 Toyota Prius with a couple of small complaints. The Prius is a noisy car to drive and the satellite radio is erratic at times. My husband came home with the C Max as our second car and after one spin in it, I am hooked. No road noise, very roomy back seat, and the navigation and sync system is far superior to the Prius!! We are now planning on purchasing a second C Max the minute our dealer gets an SEL on the lot!! Our 15year old can drive the Prius!!!
Jeremy P 12/10/2012
I agree. My C-Max SE is quieter than my $45K SUV to say nothing of the twice as good MPG's!
Joe 12/10/2012
I've had my SEL for over a month and can say it is one of the best all around cars I've ever driven. I didn't buy it because it was a hybrid, just loved the smooth quiet ride and the upscale appointments. Good luck on your new ride.
Huy T 12/10/2012
I am picking up my C-Max SE today in red. Can't wait.
Brad B 11/07/2012
Hey Ford & Sonya D ! Well my wife test drove a SE C-Max last weekend and she is hooked too. She's willing to trade her beloved '09 Escape on one. She too remarked on how quiet it is. In being a typical wife she really didn't believe that the microphones in the headliner worked with the noise canceling system. Enjoy your ride, and did you drive it to Disney?