Great Car!

I am in love with my cmax Energi!  I love everything about it, but what I love most is sailing past gas stations with their ridiculously high prices. Because of this car,  I have more money in my purse. Today is July 13th, and in three days, it will be one month since my last fill up. I just checked my mileage, and I have gone 700 miles on that tank one of gas, and I still have more than a quarter tank left. I will admit, that taking a road trip with some distance or considering winter driving, the MPGe is not as impressive. If you just need a car for some local driving, this should be the one. I'm also very lucky, because I was able to get a free 240 charger from Detroit Edison with a special meter and rates; my total electrical costs for a month of charging aversge about $15.  This car was the right choice for me.