Sharon, My mother, owner of Sharon's Heating and Air Conditioning finally authorized me to get a new vehicle. I've been driving a Ford F-150 for the past few years.
Fuel economy has become a big issue at our company. This year our annual fuel cost is approximately $60,000. With this in mind I set out to find a vehicle that better suited my purposes. In the past I simply maintained I'm a truck man.
After viewing fords website I immediately gravitated towards the 47 mpg C-max. Size was the only remaining issue. Luckily before ford had sold any C-Max vehicles they send them out to the dealers to train the Salesmen. I happened to be allowed to momentairly sit in one. I fit very well supriseingly , I'm 6' 2".
I immediately ordered one.
I've had my C-Max for 2 weeks now and I'm truely excited about the drive. It's fun, it's a challange. I'm up to 45.2 mpg. I've made it my goal to achieve the 47mpg stated. It's a challange and its exciting. I was instructed by a ford engineer that 47mpg is labortory testing and hard to reproduct. I'm excited about the adventure of trying though.
It's expected that this car will pay for itself in 3 1/2 years. Thats so funny, a free car that's fun to drive. Wholeheartedly I love this car.