Compassion Must Be A Strong Thread At The Ford Motor Company

Hello from Angela
sitting in my home watching a show called The Doctors on this day the 12 February 2014, as it is on a delay down here in Melbourne Australia.
With my arm in a sling after a rotator cuff operation And feeling a little sorry for myself, not anymore after seeing the show listed below.
I had to join your customer email system as I wanted so desperately to say Thank you for showing such Compassion, as we have all heard down here in Melbourne that yet another car company will be shutting down in Melbourne Victoria.
My whole mind set was uplifted as it was so inspiring, to see regardless of all the things a car company such as Ford showing such generosity.
If I ever get the chance to buy a new car, I have made a quiet promise to myself I will buying a Ford and C-Max 2014 model will always remind me of a Compassionate gesture made by Ford hence C (Compassionate-Max).

(Ford, The Doctors Join Forces to Present Family with C-MAX Hybrid
By Terra Donnelly
Jan-15-2014 6:00 AM ET - Ford recently assisted a very special family in need by collaborating with the Emmy®-winning syndicated daytime television show The Doctors and generously donated a Ford C-MAX Hybrid.)

Kind regards
Angela Cumming