A New Member Of The Family

"I need a name for your new car," said the Ford salesman, Frank. "A name?," my husband and I said."Yes, we like to list a name on the car profile." "Benigna,"my husband said with a laugh. (Benigna was the 18th founder of my college, and a name we threatened with naming our daughter .)
So yesterday, we took ownership of our new C-Max, Benigna.

We had decided to purchase a new car in 2012. We had seen a C-Max at the Detroit auto show the previous January, so had them in mind when we started to look in the summer. After test driving both a Focus and Fusion, we decided we'd wait for the C-Max to be availabe in early Fall before we made a decision. We currently have a 2008 Escape Hybrid, which we love, so were looking for good fuel economy.
My husband got to test drive a C-Max at a local school fundraiser when I was out of town, and found it very appealing. My goal was to test drive one before we made a decision. This was a lot more challenging than I anticipated. Not many were available at dealerships; they were selling off the lot as soon as they came in. Another dealer didn't seem to know much about them and wasn't very accommodating for a test drive, so I never returned there. I finally found a dealer, Crest Ford, and salesman, Frank Scarpace, who had two vehicles and knew a lot about the car. He seemed as enthusiastic as we were about these new vehicles.
After test driving, we were both convinced that this was the car for us. Great gas mileage and enough room for the three of us and the dog. My days of hauling a scout troop around were gone and so, we could turn in our Taurus wagon. My one dissapointment was that the two vehicles available were white and black, pretty boring colors. So we decided to special order an ice blue with the packages we desired.
The wait was the hardest part. Although we are within a half-hour of the manufacturing plant where it was made, we had to wait 3 months, due to the demand. But it was worth the wait! The ice blue is beautiful. The manager of the dealership thought it was such a great color, he put in two orders for that color to sell off the lot.
Although we think the electric version is terrific (and so glad Ford is offering it,) we didn't want to lose the storage place to the battery. Whatever we can do to help the environment in any little way is important to our family. We love the styling and European look of the car. My daughter loves the changing ambient lighting. So we are all happy and ready to make Benigna a new member of our family.

Seth R 02/11/2013
Your story is great. I want the c-max very badly. I will get one once I have the money.