A Lifetime Of Fabulous Fords

I was born into a Ford family. My first real understanding of the Ford experience and the love affair owners have came at 10 years old. My parents drove up in a brand new 1966 Fairlane candy apple red 289 V8 2 door hardtop. I get tingles every time I think about that car as she was gorgeous.. I helped my dad wash the car every Saturday and then we would take her out for a spin. I have owned many Fords. In fact I love them so much, I took a job as a salesman at a local dealership, where I’m in my 27th year. I have had the opportunity to own and drive some amazing Ford vehicles. Recently we purchased a C max Sel Hybrid and simply couldn’t be happier. What immediately strikes us is how beautiful this car is, ever angle is a delight to the eye. The fit and finish is simply the best I have ever seen from any brand. The interior is so comfortable we seem to be driving for the pure enjoyment of it. Speaking of driving, this doesn’t handle like any fuel stingy car I ever drove. Through the curves she begs to be pushed. We have windy mountain roads here and the girl goes up and over like she has way more than her stated horse power. There are so many thoughtful features its hard the list them all. We love the Ford My Touch, we love growing leaves. We have learned to brake more efficiently with the brake coach. The auto wipers are very handy, ambient lighting is cool. The audio system sounds awesome. Getting in and out is so darned easy. I could go on and on. We have 8000 kilometers now and getting 5.1 liters/100, that’s awesome. I have researched the differences in the 2014 and have ordered all the aero deflectors to bring my C max up to date. Have I said we love this car.
Ford Social 06/20/2014
Hey David! We love hearing stories like yours. It's so cool that you have turned your love of Ford vehicles into a career. Have fun exploring those windy roads while enjoying your new C-Max! - Ford Social