600 Mile In A C-max, Is That Possible?

By Jus A.

YES! More than 600 miles!

I am a 1st time hybrid owner and I bought the C-Max for the great drivers view/position, the utility of the 60/40 fold flat seats with the liftgate, the great technology in the My Ford Touch and navigation with the awesome, awesome Sony sound, and the perfect combination of POWER and MPGs in a single car: the C-Max SEL Hybrid.

I have owned my SEL since the first week of December 2012 and as of end of April, I have clocked 13,000 miles on it. Taking the time and distance to learn the fuel efficient driving takes time and it does not necessarily mean you have to go slow as I can still get 40 to 60 instant MPG driving > 65 mph (called ICE High MPG). However, driving FE will reward the owner with far more than the 47 MPG, but you also have the option of driving the car like a gas guzzler if you so wanted to - but whats the point of buying a hybrid then?

As such, my work travel takes me across the northern Los Angeles and Ventura counties, I have been able to achieve 7 (yes SEVEN) 600+ mile tanks in my daily work. (Check out my Fuelly.com under my name). I clock about 60 to 120 miles a day in this awesome car and that includes climbing some steep canyon roads between the 101/PCH and also between the counties.

To me, Ford has more than delivered on the 47/47/47 in real world driving conditions - not some test bed like the EPA.

I want to mention that Ford Motor Company should be thanked for hosting a CMax owner/drivers event - meeting their engineers from Detroit and having face to face conversations with us fellow driver/owners in Irvine, Febuary 2012. I was there and it was very constructive for everyone.

Thank you Ford and Ford Social for getting out my experience with this awesome car!!!
Jus A 07/12/2013
@Brad B, its Maxine.
Brad B 05/13/2013
Hey Ford & Jus A ! Jus you beat me, our son lives in Orlando FLA and I've been brave enough to hit 600 even. Bravo Zulu for winning the C-Max eco-challenge! I read over several blogs and routinely hear whinning (like a chevy NASCAR driver) that I don't get but 42 to 44 mpg. Our SE C-Max "Herbie" has given me a best 52.8 mpg on a trip from Dunn to Wilmington, NC. As you well know slow starts/stops, 55 mph, using the eco-settings, and drive like there is a egg under the throttle pedal. Again congrats again, and what is the name of your C-Max?