Wow Great Car

I own a Ford Freestyle; I bought it new it had 25 miles on it when we purchased it in Sept. of 2005. We were in a crisis and had to get a car since my 16 yr. old had wrecked my new van and we were $5000 upside down. With employee pricing incentive we were able to purchase this car and not break the bank.
My dad always said never buy a new model car never buy a car with a new type of equipment, they always have bugs to work out. I am so very glad that I did not take dad's advice this time. This car has been amazing. While right now it is very beat up, it runs fine. It has 350,000 miles on it! I have not spent more than $2000 on repairs the entire life of this amazing car. The transmission is wonderful, it leaks just a tiny bit of oil but that is because the last person that changed the oil put the plug in wrong and now we have e problem trying to get it out.
This is an amazing car; I sure wish Ford had not quit making it.