Safe And Sound

My wife was in a recent accident in a 2007 Ford Freestyle and it is my feeling that the incredible work done with design and construction of this vehicle may have saved her life. My wife was driving at highway speed on a cold and snowy night with poor visibility. She came upon a stalled truck and rear ended it at 65 mph. End result for my wife was a couple of minor bruises. End results for our beloved Freestyle are attached in the picture. I know a little bit about cars and some of the safety developments that have come along over the years but after reading more about this particular vehicle and looking at the resulting damage I am completely blown away by the amount of “good” things that happened as this accident played out. This car did everything it could ever be expected to do to protect my wife. Air bag size and deployment program must have been perfect since she hardly knew it had deployed. Steering column compressing to the dash was a huge help both during the accident and afterward in regards to removal of her by emergency personnel. Seat restraint and seat communication must have worked flawless too. In the front of the vehicle all impact zones and power plant supports did incredible work to absorb the energy of the impact. I wish there was a way for me to express my gratitude to everyone who had a hand in making this vehicle. I will be emailing a few other divisions at Ford but please do what you can to spread the word that this one guy from Wisconsin is very happy that this cold and snowy night had a good outcome because the excellent work you do at Ford. My wife is temporarily driving a vehicle from a different company. I am sure it is a fine vehicle with its own safety features but I will not rest easy until I get her into another Ford product.