255k Ford Freestyle

I drive a 2005 Ford Freestyle everyday for work. I am a sales rep for a packaging company in Upstate New York. An average year involves approximately 40,000 miles of driving in all kinds of weather and road conditions. My Freestyle has been a pleasure since the day I bought it. I keep up with regular maintenance and I have driven trouble free for several years now. I recently had one of my other vehicles in for service. I had some transmission repairs done on a (non-Ford ) pickup truck. I drove my Freestyle to the shop when the truck repairs were complete. The technician that repaired my truck noticed the Freestyle in his parking lot. He asked me about my opinion of the Freestyle. I was very happy to tell him that I have over 255,000 miles on the car and I plan to drive it for another 100,000 miles. Could I afford to buy a new car? Sure. I don't want a new car. My Freestyle has never let me down. It doesn't matter if there is three feet of snow on the ground in January in Rochester or if I am on a road trip in the Summer heat. This car has served me well for work and family needs and anything I throw at it. The Transmission repair tech suggested that I contact Ford and tell them my story. So, there you go. I will write another story when I hit 350,000 miles.