Wife's Turn

Through the years my wife & I have been buying Fords. In 2012, my wife & I   traded in our 2004 Mercury Monterey van for a 2012 Ford Taurus.  The van was my vehicle & the Candy Apple Red Taurus became her vehicle. You see, we are a 1 automoble at a time family of 2 & we are both retired & are able to get around with one car. 2112 was my wifes year to choose what car she wanted for us to have, just like in 2004 it was my year to choose the vehicle for us to drive. We certainly have enjoyed both vehicles very much & the 2004 van only had to have the rear brakes replaced as the only repair on the 94,000 miles. My wifes candy apple red Taurus has been the talk of the neighborhood & the church membership. It brings a big smile to her face as she hears the compliments about our, her. car.