Wicked Black Beauty

I've had my sho for just over a year now (got it when the 2013 were just becoming available) and it doesn't seem even that long. This car is more than I ever thought it would be in terms of looks, performance, economy, and H.T.F. (head turning factor). When ever I drive my "baby" out of the garage it still feels like the first day I got it. If either I decide to detail it or just drive it for a cruise around town, my "baby" never lets me get bored! My sho is loaded with features to keep my drive as pleasant as possible...heated/cooled leather seats, push button start, moon roof, parking assist, awd, sony high end stereo system, navigation screen, Intel entry,  heated steering wheel, memory seats, push-button rear sun screen, big beautiful 20' rims, 365 hp twin turbo EcoBoost engine with performance package... sooo much more and sooo much fun to drive! I get complements all the time and where ever I go! My "baby" makes every trip a short one! I remember when my son first saw it; he walked around the back to see the badging to make sure what he thought.  Then he walked to the passenger door and said "you got a sho!!!?? wow!!!" That put a smile on my face big time and it was the highlight of my day....besides driving it off the dealer lot of course (lol).
I realize I probably laid it on thick here, sorry about that but I just think Ford has hit a huge home run with this thing I couldn't help it! Great great job Ford!
Raymond N 09/13/2013
Black out the chrome............ because Ford should have.