We're Here Today Because Of Our Ford Taurus

My twin sister and I have owned this car for 5 years and it was my father's company car before that. In those five years we have put many a mile on that car, driving back and forth from college in NorCal to home in SoCal.

On Halloween 2013 my sister and I were on our way to an interview when the unexpected happened. while making a left into a shopping center another car suddenly appeared in our vision. with no time to respond I made a last ditch effort to swerve right, in an attempt to avoid the quickly approaching car, but the other car continued to barrel forward and smashed into me, full speed, front on. Both front air bags deployed and the seat belt held us in place. My sister jumped out immediately to my great relief, but my door was jammed, so I had to crawl through to the passenger side. It was only after we saw the front of the car that we realized the severity of the crash. As well as the front being completely smashed, pieces of our engine and front axle had been dismembered from the car and thrown 20 feet.

Thanks to the safety-minded engineering and reliable seat belts and air bags we escaped with minor bruises and soreness. The other driver and her passengers also escaped with minor injuries.

Thank you Ford for all the consideration you put into making your cars safe and reliable!