Tough Car Gets Beat Up By Semi Truck

By Eric F.

Back in 2005 i worked for Pioneer Ford here in Goodyear, AZ. I got this great deal on slightly used 05 Taurus and sold it to my Grandmother, to get her out of the much smaller escort she was in. And this week she and her car had a beat down from a Semi truck. I'm sure glad I did. From the pics you can see. The truck hit her in the rear spun her around then again ran over the front.
Thank you Ford for making a stong driver compartment. they had to cut and pry the front door open to get her out.  But Grandma the driver and my aunt the passanger walked away with just bruises. But a totaled car. bummer she loved that car.  She is heading to Drew Ford in San Diego to get her next Ford, hope they treat her well.  Thanks again, Eric