Thought I'd Never Own A Ford

To Ford Motor Company
I just wanted to write to say I have owned my Ford Taurus since 1999 and now after 10yrs I will have to give her up! I never thought I would own a Ford. Most of my family are die hard Chevy folks. When I test drove this car it just felt right. With almost 161,000.00 miles I am going to have to look for another car. I have drove her proudly, and frankly have no desire to look for something else. This car had everything I needed and handled so well. Unfortunatly she is in need of more repairs than is worth putting into, mostly from wear. I am glad to say the engine has never had any issues, keeping up with oil changes is always a good thing! I hope I will be able to find something as dependable as my Taurus has been. I would love to own another ford, but with the economy it will depend on what is out there that's affordable. This car has been many places, and traveling with kids has been easy with the room it has. I just wanted to say thank you for making a car worth the money I paid.

Thank You
Pam Phillips
Dennis Chick 01/21/2010
Bought a 1993 Crown Vic demo in 1993 ,Put over 300,000 miles on it ,and would still be driving it if not for a dear. Still runs and drives.but damage too great to repair, even air still works!