The Taurus That Made It Everywhere!

By Dj M.

Jan. 2000 found most of NC covered in almost 2 feet of snow. Now NC has very little snow removal equipment capable of dealing with this measure of snow. Our average snow fall is in the 1-2" range. Everyone was calling the the "100 years Snow" and everything ground to a halt.
While all this was happening Barbara, my mother-in-law, was living with us. She was dealing with major kidney problems which meant she needed to have dialysis every 2-3 days. If she didn't have these treatments, she would go into shock and die. While everyone around us were staying home and safe. We needed to find a way to get Barbara to her dialysis treatments. We live outside Durham, NC, in a very rural area, and none of the transport services could get out to us so we needed to get going on our own. With the help of neighbors, we were able to dig out our 800' driveway(with 3-4' drifts) and we put Barbara in my wife's 1998 Ford Taurus SE 4dr. With no special add-ons (tire chains or such), we headed off on the 15 mile trip to the Dialysis clinic. With all sorts of vehicles (4wd and such) run off the sides of the road, we travelled very slowly and the trip took us almost 1 hour to make our way to the clinic. The Taurus never missed a beat and we arrived there in time for her treatment. When we arrived, everyone were astounded that we had reached the clinic in our Taurus. They said that the only patients that had made it so far had been brought in by the Nat. Guard by Humvee personnel carriers. The snow and ice remained for over a week, but that tough Taurus never missed a beat, reaching all Barbara's treatments without any issues. Though no longer part of our family, that simple blue Taurus will always hold a very special place in our family history!

(see the attached photo of a similar Taurus model)
Justen Thompson 03/04/2011
simply amazing. a true testament to how great the taurus is, i know i love mine
DJ Martin III 02/16/2011
The photo shown is an example of the 98' Taurus we had. It is not the actual vehicle, but a similar model.