The Only Constant I've Ever Known.

Dear whom ever this my concern,

In 2007 I saved up all the money i had and bought 2002 Ford Taurus se AKA "The Tank". Throughout my life i have never known constant literally grew up in a dysfunctional family environment and have always just gone wherever the wind blew me. In 2007 i was displaced after hurricane Katrina in which i finished my high school career in Massachusetts, shortly there after the Tank and I got accepted to Hofstra University where i played football for 4 years until they canceled the football program right before my senior season.

After the devastating news the tank and I pack up all of our things an headed back home to Louisiana where i played my senior year at Tulane University. After my short stint back home in louisiana i went back to Hofstra to finish my degree ( which I did in December with a 3.01).

Through out my short life's journey the Tank has been by my side, and never giving me any problems. I change the oil every 3000 miles, get regular tune ups at whatever ford dealership is near by (can't trust just anyone with the tank), and have only had to put one set of tires on her. The tank has made the journey from either New York or Massachusetts to Louisiana it least twice a year for the past 6 years, with well over 120,000 miles on it. Soon i am going to bootcamp for the Army and before i leave the Tank and I are going to make one last journey up north to see family and friends before i depart for yet another one of life's journeys.

Basically what i am getting at is THANK YOU for giving me the only thing that has been constant in my life and continues to be constant. Also know that when ever i save up enough money again (which may be a while with all these college loans) I will be buying a new ford taurus.

Roger Williams & THE TANK!