The Ol' Blue Bullet

This story starts out from when I purchased my car in an emergency situation in 1998. I like the look and the comfort of the Ford Taurus that I ended up purchasing. I do believe it had been in an accident prior but I did not know or even think the CarFax existed then. To make the long story short, this car that I have beend driving for 14 years is still running almost perfectly. It wouldn't be if it weren't for my brother who has serviced it and replaced parts here and there since I purchased this car. This car has been through Iowa winters, heat of Arkansas and my 2 teenage boys. My son's and I have named it the "blue bullet" because it is still going strong. Mind you, there is rust and I never had the CD player that came with that year and in the trunk. The punch line of this story is that I am now going on 286,000 miles. The mission I am on is hoping it lasts until 300,000 or more just to say I did it....I wonder if there are any records out there that would give the total "actual" miles of a 1998 Ford Taurus SE? If there are, please update me. I do not want to purchase a car unless I have the same quality that I have had with my Ford. I was not a Ford person before purchasing this car.
Edward 01/05/2014
Run it till it blows up, when you get a good car keep it. I have several fords and i havent had much trouble with any of them. I have a 99 expedition with 291,000 miles on it and i still love it, still has plenty of power. I have a 98 ranger 4X4 and that has 210,000 on it. I dont know that I will or wont buy anythingelse, but I do know I will do my research before i purchase. All companies need to increase the mileages there vehicles get.