The Car Saved Her Life

I have been meaning to write for some time.

A few years ago, my 17-year old daughter was driving on a country road with her boyfriend at dusk. Just after cresting a hill a deer bounded in front of the car and she swerved to avoid it. As it was a country road, she was travelling at 55 MPH at least. The car swerved across the road, jumped a small ditch, slid across a driveway, fell down an 8 foot embankment, rolled several times both side to side and end over end, hit the roof of a house and landed upside down in their back yard with the battery 30 feet away. The two children should have been dead but they crawled out on their own power and only suffered minor injuries. This is thanks to the car maintaining the passenger space while the rest of the car collapsed.

Thank you Ford for building safe cars and for protecting my daughter's life.
Justen Thompson 03/04/2011
simply amazing. i love my taurus also!
Rand Boland 02/14/2011
no doubt FORD rules I have been driving for 43 years I wouldn't own anything else PERIOD