The Accident I Had In The Ford Taurus

I had recently purchased a Ford Taurus from my aunt. It was in great condition, and I absolutely loved it.
First let me say I am a disabled mother of 2 children.
My husband passed away in Sept. of 09, so we had to move because we couldn't afford to stay where we were. So I moved to a smaller town about 15 mins from Elkhart,In.
I was driving back from Elkhart to my current town Osceola,In and a VW driver turned in front of me, needless to say, I hit the brakes, locked them up, and the driver saw that I was going to be in an accident because of what he did, but he just kept going.
Anyways, when I slammed on the brakes, and locked them up, I tried to steer away from hitting the other car, and over compensated therefore, slamming me into a big steel metal pole. Thank god that the car saved my life. It totaled the car, but it didn't total me. I wanted you to know how safe Taurus's are.
Being on disability, I can't afford to get another car, I only make 742.00 a month, but if I could afford another car, I would purchase another Taurus, or any other Ford car. My children are grown, so, I have to call them if I have to go someplace.
I just wanted to say thank you, for building the Taurus that saved my life, even if it did total the car.
Keep it up Ford, you make a great product, and someday, I will have another Ford Car, it may be 5 yrs, but I will always purchase ford.
Thank you,
Karen Swinehart