Thank You For Saving Me!

I was in a weather related accident yesterday. I was driving to work on a snowy day, just three cars behind a snow plow that was clearing the way. I thought I was in the safest possible place. I was going down a long sloping road less than a mile from work when a minivan driving up the hill started to fishtail wildly. I tried to move off the road to the right to give the driver more room when she suddenly shot across the road and into my lane quickly and hit me hard right between the driver's side doors. My car was pushed off the road and turned sideways. The minivan then spun around and hit the 4WD vehicle behind me before coming to rest between the cars. I was shaking and scared, but nothing seemed to be hurt. I could feel where the seat belt rubbed my neck, like a burn, but the belt held me firmly. The airbags didn't deploy as this car didn't have them but I didn't need them. I was safe, and in one remarkable piece. I believe my condition was directly related to how strong and stable the frame of the Taurus held under such a big force. I had only owned the Taurus for FIVE WEEKS! I loved that car! I loved it even more after the accident. I don't believe the car will be able to be restored after all the damage, but I would definitely recommend a Taurus to anyone! My Taurus will forever be the best car I ever owned.