Taurus Vs Yukon

By Mark M.

Dear Ford,
On January 8th, 2011 I was involved in a head on collision with my 2006 Taurus. A GMC Yukon crossed into my lane and we collided both doing a minimum of 45 miles per hour. Both vehicles were totaled my passenger and myself walked away uninjured. I would like to commend you on your vehicle safety. I have owned many Fords cars and trucks and this my only accident in 30 years of driving tells me why I drive Ford. When you drive Ford Tough you total the rest.
Thanks again for being Ford Tough.
Mark Morrell
Duane Haffner 02/09/2011
That's the thing I love the most is they are strong and reliable.
Thomas Lee 02/06/2011
Well , thank God , Ford annd the Taurus !