Sparkplugs, Wires And A Battery

By Rory H.

Well I bought my Taurus back in 1996 from a friend who was moving out of the country to Austria. I got it for such a great price I couldn't pass it up. I was alway's a Chevy guy but figured i'de give it a shot and boy was I right for doing so. I have put over 140,000 miles on it and the only repairs I have had was tirees replaced a battery in 2011 and plugs and wires 4 days ago, Thats right your probably asking yourself did he say that right. Well it's true, Last year i replaced the battery which was in the car from the factory which lasted 16 years. When the shop was replacing it they we're shocked it lasted that long without any issues. Four days ago I went to my shop to find out why the service engine was comming on and flashing. My mechanic told me it only flashes when it's firing on 5 cylinders rather than the expected 6. I was like great how much is this going to set me back. He did his checkout and called me to tell me I needed plugs and wires so I said go ahead and replace them. About an hour later he called me to ask when was the last time I replaced them. My reply was 1996 when the car was built , He sat there speechless and finally said you have had that car for 17 years and have never did a tune up that's amazing. I told him to see for himself when he took out the plugs. When I picked up the car this morning he saved me one of the plugs and said i needed to keep it for a momento and suggested I write to Ford letting them know how good of a vehicle they made. So there, I decided to share it with everyone. I hope someday be able to own another Taurus that's as good as this one has been for me.
Rory H.